Handsets Support

Lifetime Warranty now provided by Yealink

From the 1st September 2015 Yealink units purchased from us as an official Yealink (UK) reseller, will carry a Lifetime Warranty.

This Life Time Warranty will commence from the date of purchase; until 12 months after the official end of life date of that product.

This Lifetime Warranty excludes the following products:

– T18P, T20P, T20PN, T22P, T22PN, T26P, T26PN, T28P, T28PN, T32G, T32GN, T38G, T38GN, EXP38, EXP39, YHS32 and all VP series units.

– All Spare Parts including but not limited to : Network Cable (CAT5), Base Stand, Handset, Handset Curly Cord, Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The products listed above will be covered by the current 12 months from date of purchase or 24 months from date of manufacture, whichever is the longer.

Any extended warranty purchased prior to 1st September 2015 will continue to be honoured until the end of the purchased warranty period.

This warranty covers manufacturing faults and component defects.  It does not cover wear and tear, physical damage, or problems associated with the network or platform it is connected to.

Please contact the distributor or ITSP the unit was purchased from for further details.

In the Event of a Failure

In the unlikely event that you have a faulty unit, you should contact us first.

We may require some additional information or additional testing and procedures to be carried out to establish the unit is faulty and one which they have supplied.

If the unit is deemed to be faulty we will request the unit is returned to us at your cost and subject to further tests, confirming the unit is faulty and that the warranty seal hasn’t been broken, a replacement unit will be supplied at no cost.

If the model returned under the Lifetime Warranty is no longer available we will supply an equivalent or better model.

This warranty is in addition to any statutory rights.